Corporate Profile

Vivek Bhole Architects is one of leading architectural firms in Mumbai. We transform the needs and aspirations of our clients into inventive, engaging built environments. We listen, we are collaborative and are passionate about our work.

We are focused on design quality. Design based on rigorous analytic processes and human understanding. Design that honors the unique qualities of its purpose and place, and that is environmentally responsible. Design that enriches and inspires people’s lives.

Together with our clients, builds community.


To create architecture that embodies the spirit of place and the aspirations of its constituency demands the collaboration of a true project team that begins with the client and extends to the full range of design professionals, including architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and specialty consultants. architecture takes a lead role in this collaborative effort.

Through listening and interactive discussions and workshops, we come to a deeper understanding of the place of the project in the context of each client's goals, to not merely solve programmatic issues but to address every aspect of a project within its physical, cultural and social context. We are committed to creating places with unique identity that make strong connections to their larger community.